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Mr. Olugbemi, Williams Bayo, FCIB  

Bayo Olugbemi is a self-motivated, Fifty four (54) years old Investment Banker of over Thirty Five (35) years standing.  He is currently the 2nd Vice President of the Institute. He started his Investment Banking career early in life and has garnered experience in diverse areas of The Capital Market such as Share Registration, Stockbroking, Issuing House functions, Mutual/Unit Trust Fund Management, Treasury Management, Custodian Services and Securities Settlement.  He was instrumental to the establishment and management of many Registrar Outfits and Stockbroking firms. He has traversed the banking landscape having worked in various bank and non-bank financial institutions with varied experiences.

He holds Masters degree in Corporate Governance and Ethics (M. Sc) from Leeds Metropolitan University, UK; Masters in International Business Management (MBA) from Lagos State University, Ojo-Lagos; and B. Sc. Accounting from The University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos. He is an Alumnus of many prestigious Business Schools such as Harvard Business School (AMP 179); Wharton Business School, USA; Stanford Business School, USA; Institute of Management Development, Switzerland; INSEAD, Singapore, Euro Money Capital Market Training and Lagos Business School (CEP 11) among others. He is a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria; Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (FCTI); Institute of Capital Market Registrars; National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria; Institute of Directors (Nigeria); Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria; Institute of Management (Chartered); Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP)  Association of Enterprise Risk Management Professionals (AERMP) and many other professional bodies.

He is an Author of three published books: ADVANCING THROUGH ADVERSITY; ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL STEWARDSHIP and WHEN TOMMORROW COMES (preparing for Retirement). He also has to his credit many unpublished works such as The Effect of Shareholders Activism on Corporate Governance Practice in Nigeria; Theory and Practice of Share Registration in Nigeria, just to mention a few.  He is currently a Chief Examiner with The Chartered Institute of Bankers and an External Assessor to Yaba College of Technology.  Bayo has served and is still serving on several committees of the Securities and Exchange Commission; The Nigerian Stock Exchange and the Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS). Currently, he is on the Councils of The Institute of Capital Market Registrars as President/Chairman of Council and Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) as Treasurer.

Bayo has been on the Board of First Registrars & Investor Services Limited for nearly nineteen (19) years serving as the Managing Director/CEO. He was promoted as a General Manager in the First Bank Group effective January 2013.

He is a turnaround specialist who took over the Registrars Department of First Bank and transformed it from loss making to a Multi Billion Naira venture. 

He is a team player, a man of sterling qualities and impeccable character, a clergyman who is happily married with three (3) children.

Contributions to the Institute/Banking and Finance Industry/Economy:
• 2nd Vice President – CIBN​                                                                  2016 - Date
• National Treasurer, CIBN​                                                                     2014-2016
• Chairman, CIBN Lagos Branch Building Committee ​                              2013-Date
• Member, CIBN @ 50th Planning Committee​    ​                                      2013
• Vice Chairman, CIBN 50th Sub-Committee on Finance & Fund Raising    ​2013
• Board Member, CIBN Press Limited​                                                     2008-2014
• Chairman, Board of Directors, CIBN Press Limited    ​                                        2014 -Date
• Council Member, The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria​                2007 –Date
• Alternate Chairman, CBN – National Payments System Working
Group on Securities Settlement.​                                                              2007 – Date
• Chairman, Membership Development and Services Committee of CIBN​   2008 - Date
• Chairman, CIBN, Lagos Branch ​​                                                           2008 -2012
• Chairman, Consultancy Sub-committee (CIBN Lagos Branch)​                2006 - 2008
• Executive Member – 1st Vice Chairman (CIBN Lagos Branch)​                2006 - 2008
• Executive Member – 2nd Vice Chairman (CIBN Lagos Branch)​               2004 - 2006
• Member, CIBN, Corporate & Public Affairs Committee​                                       2000 - 2005

• President/Chairman of Council, Institute of Capital Market Registrars    Nov.’11-Date
• Member SEC Administrative Proceeding Committee (APC)   2000 – 2003; 2013-Date
• Member, CMC (SEC) Sub Committee on Capital Market Infrastructure     2012-Date
• Director, Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS Nigeria Plc)​              2012-Date
• Member, SEC Technical Committee on Dematerialization​                      2009-Date
• Member, SEC Sub Committee (Standing) on Rules & Compliance​          2008-Date
• Member, NSE Investigation Panel​                                                        2008–2011
• Member, SEC Capital Market Committee​                                              1996–Date
• Chief Examiner, Institute of Capital Market Registrars (ICMR)​                            2006-2011
• Deputy Chairman, SEC Technical Committee on Registrars
Infrastructure & Operations​                                                                     2008/2009
• Examiner, NSE, National Essay Competition​                                        2002-2010


• Treasurer, Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry- Dec 2017-Date
• Deputy Treasurer, Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry​    2015-Nov 2017
• Council Member, Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry​     2014-Date
• President, Jericho Businessmen Club​     2014-2016
• Director, Oluyole Global Resources Plc​    2012-Date
• Chairman, Board of Trustee, Youth Rescue & Care Initiative ​       (An NGO)​    2011-Date
• National Secretary, Eyinni High School Old Students Association,         ​     2000-Date
• Member, IOD, Finance & General Purpose Committee​    2004-2007
• Founder, Bayo Olugbemi Education Foundation​    2005-Date​
. Founder, Olufunke Kikelomo Olugbemi Cancer Foundation- 2017